A soft approach and a humble attitude lets me center your experience on what you want. By listening, offering recommendations, and always being prompt and dependable, you can trust that I’ll make your experience joyful and easy. That way you can focus on each other.

Oh, and I’m David, a Stockholm wedding photographer. If you’re looking for photos full of vivid, soulful emotions, I would love the document your day.


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The importance of reassurance

It’s behind everything I do. I believe so strongly in the power of connection, and I trace it back to growing up without a father. The resiliency and happiness I’ve built in my own life all comes down to creating authentic relationships built on trust. Every step of my process is there to reassure you that I’m here for you and you’ve made the right decision. 

How does that translate to your wedding images? It’s in the way I commit to helping you create the wedding photography you want. You can depend on me to never force you into something that doesn’t feel genuine. 

I’d love the chance to be part of the most special day in your life and in return be trusted to give you something so valuable. 

I find my inspiration in...

Cooking! My favorite dish to prepare for my family is scampi e spinaci. 

The little details. I could spend hours editing an image.

Exploring new places! I especially love Capri & Miami. 

Music—my tastes run from Soul to Reggae.